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How to integrate Magento with
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1. Login in to your Magento account portal with administrator credentials.

2. Navigate to System -> Extensions (Integrations)



Add a new integration.



Fill Mandatory fields (Name, Email, password)   



Click the API tab and Select “Resource Access” dropdown value as “ALL”



Click the Save button. (you will be redirected back to the list page on performing this action)


Press the Activate link against the integration.



On the confirmation screen click the “Allow” button.



Once the above steps have been completed, you will be presented with the following:

  • «Consumer Key»

  • «Consumer Secret»

  • «Access Token»

  • «Access Token Secret»


Click the done button.


Once you have these credentials, log in into your account to provide the following values to complete the integration:

  • Magento Store URL 

  • Access Token


Click "Submit" to complete the integration setup.

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