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How do I connect my Freshworks CRM account with
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Here’s how you can connect your Freshworks CRM account with


  1. Create a mandatory custom field to capture Tracking Numbers
    • Login to your Freshworks CRM account
    • Go to Admin Settings > CRM Customization > Leads Module
    • Click on Additional Information
    • Select Add field with these details
      • Tracking Number as Field label
      • Text area as Field type
      • Select the checkboxes against “Mark this field as required” and Mark this field as unique
      • Click Save.
  2. Enable Webhook
  • Go to Admin Settings > Automation > Workflows > Create Workflow.
  • Name your workflow.

    Set up these conditions:
  • Which record type does this workflow apply to? – Pick “Lead”.
  • When do you want to execute this workflow?
  • Execute “whenever the record is created or updated”.
  • Select run as “once, for each record”.

3. What conditions should trigger workflow actions?

  • Set the Toggle to “AND”
  • Add Condition > Lead Property > Select a field as “Tracking Number” > Pick “is not empty”.
  • What actions should be performed?
  • Add Action > Select Trigger Webhook.



4. Make the following updates under Webhook Settings:

  • Select “Post” as Request Type.
  • Paste the Webhook URL generated in your account under Callback URL
  • Select Encoding as “JSON” and content type as “Simple”.
  • Select the required fields under Content:
    • Id
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Emails
    • Mobile
    • mobile number
    • Company website
    • Order Details

Click Save.

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