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How do I connect my Freshsales account with
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Here’s how you can connect your Freshsales account with


  1. Create a mandatory custom field to capture Tracking Numbers
    1. Login to your Freshsales account
    2. Go to Admin Settings > CRM Customization > Leads Module
    3. Click on Additional Information
    4. Select Add field with these details
      1. Tracking Number as Field label
      2. Text area as Field type
      3. Select the checkboxes against “Mark this field as required” and Mark this field as unique
      4. Click Save.
  2. Enable Webhook
  • Go to Admin Settings > Automation > Workflows > Create Workflow.
  • Name your workflow.

    Set up these conditions:
  • Which record type does this workflow apply to? – Pick “Lead”.
  • When do you want to execute this workflow?
  • Execute “whenever the record is created or updated”.
  • Select run as “once, for each record”.

3. What conditions should trigger workflow actions?

  • Set the Toggle to “AND”
  • Add Condition > Lead Property > Select a field as “Tracking Number” > Pick “is not empty”.
  • What actions should be performed?
  • Add Action > Select Trigger Webhook.

    4. Make the following updates under Webhook Settings:
    1. Select “Post” as Request Type.
    2. Paste the Webhook URL generated in your account under Callback URL
    3. Select Encoding as “JSON” and content type as “Simple”.
    4. Check these fields under Content:
      • Id
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Emails
      • Mobile
      • LeadStage
      • Created at
      • Updated at
      • Owner name
      • Owner email
      • Owner
      • mobile number
      • Creater name
      • Creater email
      • Email status
      • Company website
    5. Click Save.
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