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Gorgias SDK Integration
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This integration enables the widget to load inside Gorgias with contextual information regarding shipments in question.


  • Fetch your "unique url" from Connect Helpdesk >> Gorgias>> Advanced Integration Options.

  • Head over to your Gorgias account and navigate to Settings >> Integrations.
  • Add a HTTP integration.
  • Provide a name for the integration and under Triggers, enable "Ticket Created", "Ticket Updated" and "Ticket Message Created".
  • Paste the unique url from your LateShipment account in the "URL" section.



  • Under HTTP Method, Select "Post"
  • Request content type - application/json
  • Response content type - application/json
  • Under Request Body (JSON), adda jSON template with the following code.
                                                     "token":"Your LateShipment API Token"


Click on Save Changes to complete the setup.



Once this is complete, you can return to your "Tickets" page and the widget will be visible when a tracking number is available in the body/ subject of the ticket for agents to have up-to-date information regarding the shipment in transit.




Expanding the "Events " tab takes you to a detailed timeline view with all shipment-related information and transit updates.

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