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How do I connect Zoho Inventory with my account

Here’s how you can connect Zoho Inventory with your account:

1. Log in to your account

2. Go to Settings > Connect Customer Details > Select Zoho Inventory from the list.

3. A unique URL endpoint is generated to support the integration. Copy this link for use later.

4. Log in to your Zoho Inventory account.

5. Go to Automations > Add Workflow Rule > Webhooks.

6. Name Workflow.

7. Under 'Module' select 'Sales Order'.

8. For 'When a Sales Order is' pick "Created or Edited'.

9. For 'Execute workflow when' select 'When any field is updated'.

10. For 'Just once or Everytime' pick 'Everytime'.

11. Add Workflow rules as provided in the screenshot below:

12. Under 'When to Trigger' pick 'Immediate'

13. Paste the link copied from your account (step 3 for reference) under 'URL to Notify'. Method - 'Post'.

14. Under 'Entity Parameters', pick 'Append all Parameters'.

15. Click 'Save"

Setting this up for the event means that every time an order is fulfilled on Zoho Inventory, the details are sent from your Zoho Inventory account to your account.

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